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Corona mesures

We keep our practice coronafree

Our vision

Medicine involves multi-disciplinary care. In close collaboration with other healthcare workers (nurses, physiotherapists, dietitians, specialists, etc.), we endeavour to provide the best possible care for you as a patient.


Urgent cases

We always reserve space for urgent cases so that you can still contact us if we are fully booked.
You can always call us on 056 51 18 16.

Home visits

If you are unable to leave the house because of illness or disability, the doctor can visit you at home. Please be sure to request this in time so that it can be scheduled in. Be aware that we can help you faster and better in our consultation room.


Do you need a consultation to discuss more than one problem or for more than 1 person? If so, please book a double appointment.

Identity card

Please always bring your identity card with you. You need this for any consultation or for technical services.


Prescriptions and certificates are only provided via consultation. As an exception, this may be possible by telephone.
You need to register once on the website.
Make an appointment at the ideal time for you.
If you have any difficulty in logging in, call the surgery and we will help you straight away.

Useful info

Travel information

Given the present state of events, please obtain in-depth advice!

If you are going on holiday in the near future and want to find out which vaccinations you need and what precautions you should take, please ensure you consult the following website and make an appointment so that we can go through the information with you
Go through your travelling first-aid kit with your doctor and find out what medication you need while on holiday

Population study

The government supports the early detection of breast cancer, bowel cancer and cervical cancer. These tumours can be detected at an early stage using non-invasive tests. You can find out for yourself whether you are in an age group for screening and what exactly is involved in the testing. If you have any questions or concerns, we are happy to arrange a consultation for you to discuss these.

You will find a list of some useful telephone numbers below

Telephone number
Out-of-hours service
Weekend service
1733 ( from Friday 19.00 to Monday 08.00)
Wachtpost Rijselstraat 78 8930 Menen
by appointment only so please contact us by telephone in advance
open Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 08.00 to 20.00.
pharmacy out-of-hours service
0903/99 000 ( 1.5EUR/min)
Dental out-of-hours service
0903/399.69 (1.5EUR/min)
General emergency number
056 51 01 11
Fire service
056 23 99 70
Poisons centre
Red Cross
Drugs helpline
Suicide helpline
Tele-Onthaal (general telephone support for problems)
Confidential Centre on Child Abuse and Neglect


Dr. Jan Lezy
Fabiolalaan 25
8930 Menen

056 51 18 16

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